Groundwater sources in Brussels

The Brussels Region is groaning under heat and drought. Residents, organizations, companies and (local) authorities use thousands of liters of drinking water every day to spray plants and keep the (public) space tidy. At the same time, thousands of liters of groundwater are being pumped up at the construction sites in the city and immediately discharged into the sewer system.

Together we can reduce the waste of valuable tap water by using the pumped-up groundwater for the irrigation of our gardens and cleaning works. Please note, this ground water is not potable.

Add a groundwater source to the map has the ambition to map construction sites with dewatering and to ask the contractors involved to make the pumped groundwater available to the community.

As a citizen, contractor or project promotor, you can register a construction site with dewatering via this form.

Add all requested data (contact, ...) so that the availability can be checked with the project promotor. The source will be published on the map below, stating the status (blue: groundwater available / red: groundwater not available / gray: pending).

By structurally matching supply and demand, we can reduce wastage of tap water. In this way we increase the resilience of our city together to face the consequences of climate change.